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Henry Mancini

To The Mancini Bakery. The Best in the World!

Judi Landa & Andrew Penley
Judi Landa & Andrew Penley. Andrew is 12 years old and has been a fan of Mancini's for about 12 years. 91st Slovak American Day - July 17, 2014 at Kennywood Park Both Judi and Andrew are Slovak.

Carisa J. Burrows
Thank you for the most wonderfully delicious homemade Italian bread and for heightening an incredible experience! The aromas emanating from your bakery and the taste of your bread are so reminiscent of being back in the kitchen with my Sicilian grandmother. Growing up we spent hours waiting for that first batch of hot, golden buns to exit the oven. We weren't aloud to run around, jump, make noise or even lift one edge of wrapping because resting like a new born baby on a large rocking chair in the corner of her dining room was a large bowl covered over in plastic and swaddled in layers and layers of large Sicilian tea towels and several blankets nestled my grandmother's secret dough warming by the radiator. I just had to add Mancini's Bakery into my story in last Friday's Pittsburgh Post Gazette because you make it right and you make it best!!

"To appreciate Pittsburgh, have a visitor come to inspire day trip!"

Doris, D
Hi My name is Doris - have a story for you from back in the day. Back in the early 60s my mom bought her bread directly from Mancinis in McKees Rocks. She would buy 20 loaves at a time and bring them home to freeze. Actually, she would always buy 21 because my sister and I would eat one on the way home. Who could resist the warm, fresh bread from heaven?! She said she was from the Groveton Hotel so she could get a discount. Well, one day when she went and said for The Groveton Hotel, all of the workers started telling her how sorry they were to hear about the fire! Apparently, it had burned to the ground. That didn't stop her from going though because nothing compares to Mancini's! I live in Indiana now, my mom just turned 95 last week and still lives in Coraopolis. When she heard we were coming for a visit, she immediately went to the store to buy a loaf of Mancini's bread for us! Thanks for all the good bread over the last 55 years. I've lived in Michigan, California and Indiana and still, nothing compares. Doris

Cathy C
From the time I was born, I was raised on Mancini's bread. My parents both grew up in the Pittsburgh area and we visited my grandparents on Neville Island often. My two fondest memories from childhood are going with my Pap through the drive thru beer garden to pick up cases of Iron City and then stopping off at Mancini's to buy bread. We would buy a little bit of everything it seemed. I used to love to smell the bread through the paper sacks they were wrapped in. And when I traveled with just my dad to the area, we would always stop in to Mancini's and get a loaf of french bread and some butter. That would be our dinner and I absolutely loved it!! To this day, I smell bread baking and I am immediately back in Pittsburgh. I have never found a bread to rival yours and never will. It is simply the best. My parents are both gone now ... my mom just last week ... and we are going to come to Pittsburgh to scatter her ashes at Point Park. Rest assured, I will be stopping in to buy as much bread as will fit in my truck for the ride back to Tennessee. I was delighted to see Mancini's was still in existence! Keep up the excellent work. I cannot wait to share your bread with my family. Warmly, Cathy C

Cathy S, CA.
Hi Mary, Is it possible to order all of your delicious Mancini's bread products for shipping? I live in California and my husband and his family are from McKees Rocks, and they love, love, love, your bread. I have been to your store only once several years ago when I visited PA with my Mother-in-law. The best bread I have ever had......YUM!!!!! It has been so long since any of us has had the best bread in the world, I was so excited to see your web site, my mouth started watering. My Mother-in-law is getting up in years and is unable to travel East any longer and I would really love to send her your bread and rolls for Christmas. Needless to say will be ordering for us as well, and if possible on a regular basis. Please let me know, and thanks for the Web site..... Thanks, Cathy S

Mike, Savannah, GA
To whom it may concern, It is my fault...I moved away from the Burgh area to get a job :( . I miss many things...like snyder potato chips, perogies, Iron City Brew, Isleys Ham, Primanti Bros. and your bread. Now I buy about 8 bags of chips, 6-7 boxes of perogies, 2-3 lbs of ham and 10-12 cases of beer every time I come up that way to bring the stuff home. I also buy 2-3 loaves of your bread...but it would really be nice if I could get it more often!!! The ham I freeze, the chips don't go bad, the beer stays good....but the bread...once frozen it isn't the same...so I try to eat if fresh. Is there any way I could purchase your bread and have it shipped??? Or do you sell it down my way and I just don't know about it??? I was told the water and humidity of where I live is why there is no really good Italian bread in my area. Anyhow, I live in Savannah GA 31419. Please tell me if it is sold somewhere here that I just don't know about...and/or if you will ship some bread! Thanks, Mike

Diann F

Raymond A. M
Hi Mary, My name is Ray M, originally from the Pittsburgh area, and my Dad also named Ray is a friend of your Dad and uncles. I?m not sure if you are Ernies daughter or niece but every now and again, mostly in the past, and when they would travel on golf trips to Florida I would meet all three. It was when the guys from Churchill Valley Country Club would travel the guys from Chartiers Country Club which is where I think your clan was from. Anyhow, I moved to the Orlando area 26 years ago and own and manage the Orlando branch of the AG Mauro Company. Our original business was in Homewood and has been in the RIDC industrial park in Blawnox since 1973. So I get to Pittsburgh once in a while for business and a visit with family and like any Italian/American from the area am aware of your bakery and bread products. My kids dont feel complete if we dont have a visit to the strip when they are there and neither do I. Most major northeastern cities have access to several things that just arent available in the south. So today and yesterday I just received my semi-annual on-line orders from Pennsylvania Macaroni Company for cheeses, olives, olive oil, and cold cuts and my sausage order from Parma. I ordered some extra items for our accounts receivable person as her husband is Italian/American originally from New Jersey and knows the difference. He and his family have got her converted to a very good Italian cook in her own right. We were talking as she was getting ready to go, and we both concluded that we have just about everything we need except for the bread. There is some OK bread down here, but nothing that rivals yours. I checked out your website and saw that you could order on-line am not sure it would be either feasible to get it here or cost effective. But I thought I would drop you a note, say hello, and if you do have a method that can get bread down here without it costing 40 dollars a loaf due to shipping costs, I would be interested.At any rate, I hope your dug out and have a nice weekend. My Dad and his wife have been in Florida since the beginning of February and our weather, although vastly better than yours, has been no bargain either. Regards, Raymond A. (Ray) M, AHC

Patricia B
Thanks for the information...I found it at the Italian store in Monroeville. I was going to Florida to visit a friend and she wanted me to bring a loaf down to her neighbor...it worked out perfect. I purchased it on Friday, froze it and put it in a shoe box in my suitcase and it was perfect when I arrived on Saturday afternoon. My friends were teasing me thinking there would be a bread incident at the PIT airport...but it worked out perfect! Thanks for all the information...... By the way, yesterday I was at my local Giant Eagle and they have it also! Patricia B

Gina H, Butler, PA
First things first. we love your bread! I live in Butler, PA and there is a Friedmans supermarket by my work. I stop there at least twice a week to pick up Mancinis bread (thats if there is any left by the time work is over, I found if you get there after five, you can forget getting a wonderful loaf of the twist or the hoagies sticks). Your bread just makes my dinner (or breakfast) complete. Have you ever had a sunny side up egg, with Mancinis bread? Raw of course ( I mean not toasted). It is pure heaven! I just wanted to write you a short note, and give credit where credit is due. Excellent product!

Hello...I am opening a deli in Carnegie around the 1st of april and ,well I must have mancinis bread...grew up eating the stuff and now I want use it for my deli and also retail it... ...don't let the area code throw you off...it's a California # and after 32 years I moved back...hope to hear from you soon Thank you...Ken

Yelp.com Review
BREAD bakery, open 24/7. THE best Italian bread in the US of A, bar none. Mancini's bread is sold at a lot of the local supermarkets, but it's best fresh out of the oven at the source. Walk in and get yourself a loaf of their famous "twist", "homemade", or raisin bread. Better yet, get 2 loaves. You'll eat one loaf in the car on the way home.

Yelp.com Review
BEST BREAD IN THE 'BURGH!!!!!!!!!! Eat it when it's hot and fresh and you'll feel like you've died and gone to heaven! DEEE-LISH!!!

Liz X. Phoenix, AZ.
When I was a kid we always had fresh Mancinis bread when we visited Grandma who lived in the McKees Rocks neighborhood. In the early 70's the entire family moved to Phoenix, AZ. Now when relatives visit PA, they always bring back a suitcase full of mancini's bread for us to enjoy. Served with real butter, the taste brings back wonderful memories. Any chance of giving out the recipe? I can't find good bread in Phoenix! Please!!!! eliz29az@aol.com

Melissa H. Marietta, GA.
I grew up in Pittsburgh and every time we visited my grandmother in McKees Rocks we stopped for freshly baked Mancinis bread. The bread was so good it would be eaten by the time we got home. This is the best bread I have had in my entire life. I have moved to Georgia and have never had bread like this. The bakery is quaint and this just adds to the authenticity.

Diana T. Pittsburgh, PA.
Mancinis Bakery provides fresh Italian bread and rolls for local Italian food stores. I enjoy serving their Italian bread with dipping oil and spices. It is an easy appetizer and always gone at the end of the party. The bread is always fresh. Mancini's also sells the fresh dough which allows you to bake your bread fresh at home.

Valerie C. Pittsburgh, PA.
I used to work near this excellent, family owned bakery. But now I will make a special trip to go there, and I live about 45 minutes away! You can't beat the fresh-baked bread - the Twist is out of this world! I always stop a pick up a bag of their dough (and the price is outrageously reasonable for homemade dough) - and go home to make my own calzones! They've just added a low carb bread to their selection, but I haven't tried it yet. Parking can be a problem as it's on a side street in McKees Rocks, and if you go at lunchtime, there will be a line out the door, but it's worth it!

April W. Bethel Park, PA.
Nothing in this world is better than a piece of fresh, warm bread from Mancini's bakery in McKees Rocks. I grew up in a house up the hill from this bakery, and the scent of their baking bread alone was enough to make my mouth water! Their breads (I recommend a twisted loaf) go perfectly with just about any meal, they make great sandwiches, or they can stand alone and make an incredible snack. They have even added a low-carb bread to their menu. After having Mancini's bread, you'll never care to buy any other!

Beth C. Jermyn, PA.
This is a great place for outstanding bread. The italian bread is out of this world, the twist is even better. My kids love the raisin bread and it makes great french toast. At home hoagies are out of this world on their rolls and buns. Top Notch!