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Defying the Recession: We grocery shop wisely -- which means, we 'splurge' on the best essentials

Posted on 01. Jan, 2010 by admin

Who says living on a fixed income or under an economic downturn means the elimination of all of the "creature comforts?"

Through wise and selective shopping and picking the times for indulgences, we (two sisters) have discovered that we can have the best of both worlds.

That morning mug of fresh-brewed coffee without a splash of Schneider's half-and-half would just be a cup of brown water. Add a special treat of a soft, moist Bethel Bakery French pastry and be prepared to be transported away from the anxiety of the economic storms.

Serve your favorite hot dog, cheeseburger or french fries without Pittsburgh's own Heinz ketchup and you may as well just do without. No knock-off brands for us.

Who can deny the superb taste of an August beefsteak tomato, warm off the vine, between two pieces of Mancini's Italian Bread topped with Hellmann's mayo, salt and pepper. Instant nirvana!

A look at our weekly shopping list always, always includes a portion-controlled indulgence -- such as a pre-packaged piece of chocolate delight known as Sarris Candy. A peanut butter meltaway or our favorite, chocolate coconut cluster, will make any thoughts of the recession melt away!

In answering the question which came first, the chicken or the egg, we say both! We choose to pay a little more for the most delicious chicken in the market known as Miller Amish Country Poultry chicken. This antibiotic-free delicacy makes our day whenever we prepare it for a range of stretching the meal dollar. It is out of this world, and we won't eat any other chicken!

Speaking of chickens: Eggs do a body great, especially when we purchase Eggland's Best eggs. And yes, they are the best. We won't give them up for anything.

Coupon savings, generic and store-brand items are all ways to economize. But sometimes you just have to go with the brand names that you've used for years. Mr. Whipple is surely smiling from above knowing that his TV ad has kept us faithful Charmin tissue users. We especially like the megaroll, which means changing the roll less often.

Although many fabric softeners have come and gone, nothing beats the original "April Freshness" of Downy. This is one luxury that we can't afford to do without.

We always cut back where we can, but can't give up on these small special touches that make life better every day!

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